MC Knowledge Live @ TLA
MC Knowledge Live @ TLA

MC Knowledge

Born: Daekwon Marcious Brantley

September 23, 1997 (Age 20)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Occupation: Emcee, Songwriter, Host, Businessman

Genre: Hip-Hop

Years Active: 2009-Present

Associated Acts: Da Tagg, Emyne, Mc SomesEli Capella

Life & Career

Daekwon Brantley was born September 23, 1997  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was raised in the Southwest, West, and North Philadelphia sections of the city. Born the only child between his parents (Michelle & Lawerence), Knowledge received his government name (Daekwon) from the Wu Tang member (Raekwon) chosen by his dad. Knowledge also has a sibling on his dad side (Tymeer). Knowledge attended schools such as Mitchell Elementary, M.Y.A (Middle Years Alternative), and Parkway Center City where he would meet fellow artist and bestfriend (Da Tagg) as well as Dj (Dj Kidroc) . Knowledge would adopt his love for music since a very young age. He says "Music has been in every household I lived in whether it'll be Hip-Hop, Jazz, and R&B." Some of his musical influences are (A Tribe Called Quest, Big Daddy Kane, and his dad). He claims his dad got him into the aspect of emceeing and hip-hop history period. Knowledge had developed the name Knowledge from his step brother (Keem) who one day heard Knowledge rap for the first time and told him "Yo you should call yourself Knowledge." After squashing his previous artist name (Kid Wonderful), he decided to do some history on the name Knowledge. Now when asked how did his name come about and what's the meaning of it, he'll say "The name was given to me by my step brother. After doing some background of the name on a Hip-Hop aspect, my name represents the fifth element in Hip-Hop which is Knowledge (Knowledge - Educate, Learn, and Have Fun)." The MC part of his name came from fellow artist (Arnstar) after a suggestion through conversation. Knowledge took his career more serious when his grandmother bought him an amplifier to street perform with his fellow collaborators (Da Tagg & Emyne). While street performing, that is where he met Dj Kidroc. Ever since then he has come out with three projects (Nostalgic C.I.T.Y), (Knowledge is Power) and (Know The Ledge). Knowledge has also opened up for artist and networks such as Rakim, Joe Budden, BET, Christian Combs, and more. Not only does Knowledge do music, he is a host/CEO of a web series called Ya Hearrd Tv With fellow host(s) (Eli Capella, Da Tagg, and Dj Kidroc) Filmed by Co-CEO Jeff TV. The journey continues for this young kid, he has a long road.